Taboola Rasa

In 2016 I started Taboola Rasa. Taboola Rasa is a mental health awareness project that looking to destigmatise mental health issues — to wipe the proverbial slate clean — by giving people an opportunity to share their mental health experiences openly.

Originally planned as interviews on a blog, which never came to fruition, the current plan is to provide these interviews with people as video content.

My plan is to really push forward with Taboola Rasa in 2023, but since I’m doing this on my own, things tend to get delayed depending on my workload. If you want to get involved in Taboola Rasa in some way, feel free to reach out and let me know how you could help

Other Projects

Short film: “Snapped” (2012) — my final film school project as writer, director and editor

“Everything Will Be… Oh! Cake!” (2015) — postcard collaboration with designer and illustrator Anna Faber

“The Dancer” (2012) — photo series created for my film school application