Kai and Nomi 📷 by Markus Zahradnik

A bit about me

I’m nonbinary and use they/them pronouns. I’m originally from Austria but spent five years living in Scotland. I moved away willingly after Brexit, but I still love and miss Scotland a lot. I currently live in Northern Germany with my partner and our two dogs.

Winter swimming in the Firth of Forth in 2018. 📷 by Anna Deacon

I’m a wild swimmer and love swimming in the ocean year-round. Yep, also in winter! 🧜🏻 When I’m not in the water, I enjoy playing video games, working out 🏋🏻, training the dogs, learning to code, and whatever else currently sparks my interest. I’m forever trying to learn ASL. But, just like everyone else, sometimes I just watch TV shows or scroll through TikTok.
As a polymath, I tend to get into a wide variety of topics. I love learning and figuring out how to do new things all the time. While my interests are often in flux, the constant in my life has always been writing and telling stories.
I’ve worked in journalism, PR, marketing, social media, and film, to name only a few. Since 2015, I’ve been working as a self-employed consultant with various startups. Being part of the startup community in Vienna opened many amazing doors for me and led to me trying new things; things that put me in the spotlight. I’ve given talks about freelancing & mental health and moderated events. It turns out I really enjoy public speaking!
In 2015 I started developing Taboola Rasa, a mental health advocacy project looking to destigmatise mental health issues. I want to develop the project further and am trying to make more time for it.

A bit about my work

I’ve been working at the intersection of tech and marketing for most of my career, and that’s how I ended up becoming a content specialist for tech brands. I’ve helped startups and entrepreneurs shape their brand, values, target groups and tone of voice, restructure their websites, and I’ve written copy for them.

📷 by Markus Zahradnik

I may be just at the beginning of my coding journey, but I’ve always enjoyed working and communicating with developers. Some of my best friends are devs. ;) No, but for real, I like to say, “I speak dev.” And the devs in my life tend to agree.
I’m a storyteller at heart and create great content that’s interesting and fun. I also have a strategic mindset, love learning new things and have a knack for asking the right questions.
I’ve taught workshops, enjoy public speaking, and am a natural networker with a lot of empathy. I also have a keen interest in diversity and accessibility. I very much want companies to become more welcoming and also actively accommodating for people who belong to minorities.