Andie Katschthaler (Photo by TJ Photography)

Hi there! I’m Andie.

I’m here to solve all of your writing woes or, rather, communication woes — but who can resist a good alliteration?

As a polymath I tend to get into a wide variety of topics. I love learning and figuring out how to do new things all the time. While my interests are constantly in flux, the constant in my life has always been writing and telling stories.

I’ve worked in journalism, PR, marketing, social media, and film, to name only a few. In 2015 I finally started my own business, full-time. I now work as an independent communications consultant, copywriter and coach. I especially enjoy working with startups and fellow solopreneurs, because I love being able to dig in at the very beginning, when everything is still wonderfully malleable.

Being part of the startup community in Vienna has opened many amazing doors for me, from being on the jury at pitching events to mentoring startups. It has also lead me to daring to do things that put me in the spotlight a bit more. I’ve given talks about freelancing & mental health and have started moderating events at sektor5 coworking space.

In November 2016, I moved to to the UK. I now live and work in Edinburgh in beautiful Scotland and am always happy to meet entrepreneurs and startups working here. Just get in touch!

“Moar info,” you say?

In 2015 I started developing Taboola Rasa, a mental health advocacy project looking to destigmatise mental health issues. I want to develop the project further and am trying to make more time for it.

My spare time (haha) I spend on a varying roster of hobbies. When you genuinely enjoy learning new things, then that itself becomes a hobby. So the actual activities I spend my time on keep changing. Repeat offenders in my repertoire are: Playing the ukulele, playing video games, and geeking out about TV and pop culture. I don't see reading and music as hobbies, because then I’d have to classify breathing as a hobby as well — I tend to inhale fiction books, and I get cranky if I don’t listen to music enough.

I also really love reaction gifs. So much that I have an actual folder of my favourite and most fitting gifs on my desktop — my arsenal for conversations on Twitter and Slack as well as fodder for my newsletter.

I thoroughly enjoy getting to know other entrepreneurs and their projects. If you want to know whether I can support you in your endeavours, check out the services I currently offer and then send me a message and let me know how I can help.

If you’re looking for a moderator for your event, just hit me up via email and let me know what you are planning.