Positioning & non-visual branding for Startups

Let’s figure out together where you want to sail your ship!

I support startups, entrepreneurs and small companies with non-visual branding for their business.

Non-visual branding is everything that isn’t graphic design.

I can help you figure out who your target group is and how to communicate your product or service to those people.

Over the course of one or two workshops, we will develop what your brand sounds like. We’ll create a voice guide, which will make it easier for everyone in your company to stay on-brand in the future.

Once you know who your brand is and how it speaks, you’ll have a much easier time creating copy, blog posts, and other communication measures.


Website concept & Copywriting


Based on your positioning, I can also help you flesh out the concept for your website and create the copy for your landing pages.

I can also help you with the following:

  • Finding a name for your business, product or service
  • Creating a claim or tagline for your brand
  • Figuring out how your brand’s positioning can be translated into emotive imagery