Startup Consultant & CopyWriter



As an independent communications consultant and copywriter I help startups and entrepreneurs find their brand’s voice and positioning. Once they know who they are, they can communicate better with their audience.

I love working with tech and SaaS startups to bridge the gap between the product and the consumer. My copywriting makes jargon and complicated tech stuff more n00b-friendly.

No bullshit, no buzzword bingo, no promising numbers.
I want brands to be authentic.
I want more good writing on the internet.

I’m based in beautiful Edinburgh and am looking forward to working with startups in the UK. I can provide services in both German and English.


I don't work with Bigots

Please note that I will refuse to work with people who are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or display any other kind of discriminatory behaviour. I am also actively looking to work with a diverse set of clients and would like to invite minorities — especially women of colour, LGBTQI, and genderqueer people — to contact me.